Propteq Summit is the world’s most senior networking event for real estate innovators with 300 attendees from over 45 countries.

How the summit works

Are you building or looking for world-class proptech businesses?

We bring together 300 of the world’s leading property innovators and investors to co-host a full day of talks on the challenges and opportunities they face.

Co-hosting opportunities are by invitation only. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch for more details.

Who is attending?

  • Forward-thinking property professionals
  • Proptech firms
  • Startups
  • Technology and software firms
  • Angel investors
  • VC’s
  • Real estate owners

How is the event organised?

Propteq Summit is all about networking. Our format is designed to facilitate connections with potential partners. Which is why we have group debates, product demos and funding pitches where everyone gets involved.

Why are there no speakers?

Building or looking for the next big thing and looking for the right partners? Audience-speaker scenarios won’t help you connect. Instead, we host small chats to talk about the serious business of property innovation. Everyone is senior and joins in to make the right connections.

How can I participate?

As a delegate, exhibitor or sponsor. Investors, VC’s, startup founders, proptech innovators and senior property players can also co-host one of our round-table talks. Co-hosts say no more or less than anyone else and enjoy more visibility. There is nothing to prepare – just come with your expertise and knowledge and make real connections.

Real conversation, in a senior setting.

Michael MandelCompstak

Very interesting and exciting to share ideas with others to get a real viewpoint of Proptech around Europe.

Dominic WilsonPi Labs

The Propteq format allowed for real engagement to a cross section of the industry.

Steve MurphyARGUS Software

Allowed me to understand where the market is, and how technology enhances data to provide added value to customers.

Lena LetardBNP Paribas Real

Propteq makes it easier for us to connect and meet other innovators discuss new approaches and create value.

Patrick BurkertGo—PopUp

It was refreshing to not have any set agendas in the discussions, it really allowed the attendees to drill into the detail they were interested in.

Alexander BailesConnells

I enjoyed listening and discussing ideas with other industry leaders.

Ivan RamirezEmoov

I enjoyed Propteq's international audience. insightful sessions and connections with innovative businesses.

Pier Paolo MucellieOffice

What Propteq delivered was good high level conversations, It was great to talk with so many of people and also have a real international presence.

Richard WhiteGoodlord

Propteq was insightful and well worth the time. I am excited about getting working with a number of the innovative business and disruptive entrepreneurs I met at the event.

Martin SkinnerInspired Assets

Propteq offered real time opportunities to engage with other leaders within property innovation from around the globe.

Emilio MatthaeiLEVERTON

I had a great experience joining Propteq, I enjoyed the format and my ability to interact freely with anyone else who was present.

Michail SmirnovBringMe

It was great to have the ability to listen and react in real time within the discussions.

Henry BennettYour Welcome

Propteq is in a class of its own, an event dedicated to supporting the industry!

Sam ZawadzkiApply.Property

I enjoyed being part of Propteq and interacting with the European Proptech scene.

Hannu RantanenAssetti

Propteq attendees include