Changing the Approach to Innovation in Real Estate

May 17, 2018 | | Insights

Exclusive minutes from Propteq Europe 2018 session on Changing the Approach to Innovation in Real Estate.

Real Estate Innovation Service Provider: There is a gap in the market for advice on what developers are developing and what tenants actually want. What tenants want more and more increasingly is access to technology and the ability to connect their buildings better. For example, for user experience the main point is how does a landlord make the user experience of their building much better than next door? So it is the case of going and understanding what type of tenants are in that sort of area and what exactly they want out of that building, then using technology to bridge that gap. It is about changing the way we use technology to enhance our buildings. The designs of buildings need to be enhanced and technology in those buildings must be adapted.

Attendee: It is hard for landlords to look ahead of time and anticipate the issues that will arise. A part of the issue is that landlords need to recognise consumers love seeing change. The consumer market is always constantly changing, people love to change the environment they live or work in and landlords have to be able to adapt to those changes.

Attendee: Innovation doesn’t necessarily have to do with technology, rather customer experience. Technology doesn’t necessarily have to be the solution; however it can be the means which helps and enables one to reach a solution.


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