Automation: How to turbo-charge and go further faster

May 18, 2018 | | Insights

Exclusive minutes from Propteq Europe 2018 session on Automation: How to turbo-charge and go further faster.

Real Estate Automation: How is it being implemented?

Attendee: Smart-reward products for commercial real estate, particularly shopping centres is revolutionary as there could be a points system for going into the centre. This allows collection of data, such as when people enter, how many times per month they visit the shopping centre and so on.

Property management firm: Automation increases the accuracy and speed of manual processes and brings the benefit of machines in running these processes.

Cloud-based Estate Agency: Providing software to commercial agents can automate workflows, improve efficiency, and allow the business to better evaluate competitors.

Software Development Consultancy: Real Estate Automation technology such as software robots allow repetitive manual tasks to be carried out but can also allow us to retain control of the tasks.

CEO Property Software firm: Workflow automation is there to make businesses more efficient and can provide proof of treating each customer fairly.

Attendee: Automated Valuation Models (AVM) can predict with accuracy the value of a property and mortgage.

Buildings are being automated?

Attendee: It takes 8 – 10 weeks to buy a house, which is really long. An automated process may speed up the velocity of transactions. Uber-like real estate automation where you can buy without physical payment by identifying who a person is, and be automatically charged is interesting.

Attendee: Identification of maintenance faults, for example faulty lights, are not automated. A maintenance system which tells you that you need to fix before being identified by the tenant is a new form of technology which could put control of maintenance schedules in the hands of the tenant. This could be revolutionary.


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