PropTech Advantage: The tools you need to Stay Ahead

May 18, 2018 | | Insights

Exclusive minutes from Propteq Europe 2018 session on the PropTech Advantage: The tools you need to Stay Ahead

Are PropTech Tools being used?

PropTech startup CEO: We work with 250 new build developers to provide customer service solutions; providing information, 3D walkthrough with VR capabilities allowing the use of videos, communication, functionality and is a servicing package. We’ve found that there is a lot more interaction between VR and 3D walkthrough.

Are people interested and purchasing?

PropTech startup CEO: We mainly work from reservation onwards. More considerable of the customer service side. Certainly seeing a big uptake on interaction with people. 65% more emails enquiring about this and is a big component in residential houses.

Attendee: How long does it take to integrate?

PropTech startup CEO: Tend to put the product in straight away. 360 degree cameras. Build it once and leave it unless consumer has enquiry about it.

PropTech startup Founder: The hype of VR is over. It is not interesting to consumers anymore because they are less excited about it – it is the usual cycle. Maybe things like blockchain are showing more interest.

PropTech startup CEO: The AR cycle may be the next thing. Are you seeing any interest in AR?

PropTech startup Founder: VR have headsets, giving a more advanced and acceptable market. AR may not be an interest until a headset is provided. AR may only be interesting once it becomes wearable

Attendee: VR is still a big excitement in our firm. We still want to see more development in VR technology for example, a VR meeting with one person guiding everyone through an architectural model would be interesting.

Are drones being used in the residential sector?

Attendee: There are drones that can scan and survey large areas, giving relevant information about property management and data in the surrounding area.

Attendee: Another use case is replacing the traditional concept of someone taking photographs. By using drones to capture views that the properties have especially at higher views, customers are more attracted. Also, drones providing a delivery service to balconies or skyrise apartments can influence building design. However, they are harder to use in London due to licence and insurance requirements.

Attendee: The end-buyer wants the drone experience for views and progress on new-build because they do not want to keep going on site to see how the house is progressing.

Attendee: VR may be useful to an end user in terms of customisation of homes, so you can experiment with furniture, colours and so on.


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