What is Propteq Club?

Since our launch in 2015, hundreds of real estate innovators from 45 countries have attended our annual summits. As a year is a long time in PropTech, our clients have asked us to provide networking opportunities at the same senior level on a regular basis. We have designed Propteq Club specifically to help the world’s leading PropTech experts discuss the Digital Transformation of Real Estate all year round. Propteq Club comprises three parts. Firstly, our famous, international Property Technology and Innovation Summits, regarded as the most senior get togethers in global PropTech. Secondly we organise regular monthly Club meetings around the world to keep you in regular contact with trends, technologies and the people that matter. And finally Propteq Club is a digital publishing platform which allows the world’s leading PropTech experts publish and access thought leadership. For those who cannot or do not want to travel to events, digital membership allows you to connect to our global network no matter where you are located.

Can I attend a summit if I am not a Club Member?

Yes. You may register directly on the summit webpage. If you plan to attend two summits, we recommend choosing to join Propteq Club as you will also be able to attend Club Meetings, publish content and benefit from cost savings.

Can I attend a Club Meeting if I am not a Club Member?

No. Club Meetings are available to members only. However, we do offer a flexible monthly plan, which you can cancel after the first month, if you want to only attend one meeting. 

I am interested in partnering with Propteq. What are the options?

Happy to talk – just visit the Partner With Us web page where we explain briefly just some of the ways we work with firms. Feel free to fill out the form if you would like a friendly chat with us about how you might get involved in our Partner Programme.

How can I feature my company on PropteqClub.com?

Choose a membership option and you can start publishing your content straight away. Looking for more visibility? Drop us a line and we can see how much exposure you would like. We can put together a plan especially for your situation to help you get your message to the right market.

Do you charge startups to be featured on the Funding section?

You only pay for your membership – there is no additional cost for being featured in the funding section.

My company is interested in organising a pop-up Propteq event. Is this possible and what kind of company/venue would be suitable?

If your organisation works in real estate, investment and/or has an interest in PropTech, we may be able to put together a small or large meeting depending on your circumstances. Drop us a line for a quick chat if you would like more information.

Propteq is not currently active in my city/country - do you have plans to expand?

Get in touch and let us know where you are based.  If we think there is enough demand from the ecosystem we may bring Propteq to your area in the future. If you are thinking of getting involved as an organiser, co-organiser or official partner, we would also love to hear from you.  

I’ve attended a Propteq Summit previously. How do the Club Meetings differ?

Club Meetings follow the same format as our Summits – they are designed specifically for senior-level people and we use the round-table format for the talks, limited to approximately 50 people. This allows you to connect with the people that matter. The Club Meetings are smaller in scale and usually happen every month meaning you benefit from regular connections. The Summits are annual, large scale get togethers.

How do I publish my content on the website?

Sign in to your account, click on My Account and go to the Publish tab to upload your content. Publishing is included in all membership plans.

Can I publish if I am not a member?

Publishing is only available to Propteq Club members.

What kind of content may I publish?

We will publish original, relevant content that adds value to the PropTech ecosystem. We do ask that the content does not appear anywhere else as our members expect newsworthy, informative content.

How can I promote my organisation and sponsor Club Meetings, Summits or the PropteqClub.com website?

Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to have a chat and see how we can help you.

How many Club Meetings can I attend?

There is no limit on the number of Club Meetings you may attend while you are a Club Member.